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9361 8000
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Drug Health Services

Central Intake Line
The Drug Health Services Central Intake Line provides information and referral for all Drug Health treatment services including: inpatient and outpatient detoxification, opioid treatment, harm minimisation, needle and syringe program, court diversion and counselling. Please phone 9616 8586

Counselling Services
Drug Health Services provides a range of counselling and psychological interventions in a safe and caring environment. Counsellors can help patients understand and manage some of the complex issues that relate to substance use. Counselling can be undertaken before, after or at the same time as other drug health treatments. This service will also provide one-off assessment appointments to people who are not sure what treatment/options may be available to them.

Services are available at Bankstown, Bowral, Fairfield, Ingleburn, Liverpool, Rosemeadow, Narellan and Wollondilly.

Inpatient Withdrawal Management (Detoxification)
The inpatient withdrawal unit at Fairfield Hospital provides medically supported treatment for people withdrawing from moderate to severe alcohol and/or drug dependence. On discharge staff assist patients with follow-up care and community support.

Outpatient Withdrawal Management (Detoxification)
Outpatient Withdrawal is available for people expected to experience uncomplicated, mild to moderate withdrawal. The assessment includes consideration of a person's social support networks and ongoing strategies for counselling, group therapy and/or community partnerships.

This service is offered at a range of Drug Health sites.

Court Diversion Program
(Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment program)
MERIT is a local court based voluntary diversion program which targets adult defendants with illicit drug use problems who are eligible for release on bail and motivated to undertake drug treatment. A MERIT treatment program is three months in duration, reflecting the average local court bail period. This service provides options for patients to improve their health and social functioning while reducing crime and increasing quality of life. The working partnership with the court, clinicians and patients helps magistrates administer sentences which can better reflect rehabilitation prospects for successful MERIT patients.

A two year trial program (2012-2014) for adult defendants with alcohol use problems who are eligible for release on bail and motivated to undertake treatment operates through Fairfield and Liverpool (which includes Campbelltown) local courts.

The MERIT office is located at Liverpool and the program operates through a range of courts.

Adult Drug Court
The Drug Court of NSW is a special court based at Parramatta which supervises the community based rehabilitation of drug dependent offenders. Once accepted onto the program, patients are provided with relevant counselling, treatment and case management services. All patients must be referred through the court.

Opioid Treatment Program (OTP)
This program provides methadone, buprenorphine or suboxone stabilisation treatment for people who are dependent on prescribed or illicit opioids. Case management is provided to ensure patients have access to a range of interventions for their drug dependence. Assistance in addressing associated social problems such as employment or housing is provided if needed. Case managers also assist with coordination of care when more than one service is involved. Patients, once stable, are supported to transfer into community dosing facilities that meet their lifestyle needs.

Public OTP clinics are located at Bankstown, Campbelltown and Liverpool.

Specialist Medical Consultations
Additional specialist outpatient services are provided for complex drug and alcohol issues which are not addressed through other services. Common conditions include alcohol dependence, prescription drug dependence and management of chronic pain. Clinics are staffed by drug and alcohol medical specialists or registrars and referrals are taken from GPs or other health professionals.

Harm Minimisation Program
The Harm Minimisation Program protects the community from the spread of blood borne virus such as HIV and Hepatitis C principally through the distribution of sterile injecting equipment to intravenous drug users and provision of information, advice and referral services. Primary services are located at Liverpool Hospital and the Bankstown Community Health Centre. Secondary services are located in most Community Health Centres and needle vending machines in Bowral, Camden, Campbelltown and Liverpool Hospitals. In addition, several community pharmacies and other agencies provide clean injecting equipment.

Health promotion, overdose prevention and safe disposal programs are also provided through this program to service users and to health, welfare and community agencies.

Fairfield Enhanced Care Team
This service provides clinical support to GPs and pharmacists in the Fairfield Local Government Area who are seeing patients with drug and alcohol issues, especially those related to opioid dependence. The service provides case management and outpatient detoxification for patients in shared care with Drug Health Services, GPs and/or pharmacies.

Hospital Consultation and Liaison
Drug Health specialists are available to visit patients with drug and alcohol issues admitted to hospital for various reasons. Staff advise on drug and alcohol treatment during hospital stays; assist with discharge planning and can provide after-care support to GPs or community health providers.

Specialised Perinatal and Family Drug Health programs are available for women with drug health problems during pregnancy and the early years of their baby's life.

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