Accessing Medical Records or Health Information

Accessing Medical Records or Health Information

Patients and clients have a legal right to apply for access to information held by a hospital either by giving a person a reasonable opportunity to inspect the document or by giving the person a copy of the document. Health records are subject to limited exceptions and can be amended to correct inaccuracies.

Copies of health records can be released under the Health Records and Privacy Act 2002 or the under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. Where a client specifically wishes to access the records under these Acts, the requirements of these Acts apply. 


For further information regarding:

  • Health Records and Information Privacy contact the Clinical Information Department of the relevant Health Service as listed below:

Bankstown Hospital
Eldridge Road
Bankstown NSW 2200
Phone: 9722 8305 Fax: 9722 8308

Bowral and District Hospital
PO Box 268
Bowral NSW 2573
Phone: 4861 0308 Fax: 4861 0207

Braeside Hospital
Locked Bag 82
Wetherill Park NSW 2164
Phone: 9616 8643 Fax: 9616 8605

Camden Hospital
PO Box 149
Campbelltown NSW 2560
Phone: 4634 3639 Fax: 4634 3630

Campbelltown Hospital
PO Box 149
Campbelltown NSW 2560
Phone: 4634 3639 Fax: 4634 3630

Fairfield Hospital
PO Box 5
Fairfield NSW 1860
Phone: 9616 8278 Fax: 9616 8281

Liverpool Hospital
Locked Bag 7103
Liverpool NSW 1871
Phone: 8738 3751 Fax: 8738 3760

Mental Health Service
All Mental Health facilities in SWSLHD are located on or associated with a hospital site. Please direct any enquiries regarding access to Health Records held by Mental Health Services to the appropriate hospital.

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